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Cut-to-Length Line

Cut-to-Length Line takes coiled steels made by steel manufacturers, unrolls and levels them, cuts them to desired length and forms them into sheets.
The stopper system enables the line to manufacture with an accuracy of +-0.5mm.
Our Cut-to-Length Line offers excellent flatness as the pitch between rolls is narrow.

Plate thickness
Coil width
Cut length
Trim width


(Shearing is metal fabricating machine cutting steel sheets which is processed with Cut-to-Length Line into smaller pieces)
We have four Shearing machines, so we can set up the delivery period which meets customers' needs.
It is our pleasure to take orders for small items or with small amounts.

Plate thickness
Plate width
Cut length

Laser Cutting

Laser is a machine cutting metals with the high-density energy that is aggregate of electromagnetic radiation. It can process detailed or complicated-shaped parts which cannot be cut with Cut-to-Length Line or Shearing. Laser Cutting has advantage for the parts which require precise accuracy.
We introduced a state-of-the-art fiber laser machine ENSIS AJ in October, 2014. It is an energy saving, wide-ranged fiber laser machine. We can respond the order even with quick turnaround or small lot.

Maximum width
3070 X 1550mm
Maximum thickness